» AutroPrime Interactive Fire Detection System

Autroprime is a stand-alone fire detection system suitable for small-to-medium sizede applications. It brings simplicity, quality, cost-effectiveness and extensive functionality in one integrated system. Autroprime is provided to the user in a pre-configured state. In this state the panel is set to automatically recognize detectors and other loop units connected to the detection loops and the availability of routing equipment, etc. As such, the system is fully functional and ready-to-use after a few minutes, simply by turning the power ON. Further site-specific configuration can easily be performed if necessary.

AutoPrime offers BS-200 which stands as a stand-alone fire alarm control panel, which is specifically designed for use in maritime applications and meets the SOLAS requirements. A maximum of 8 additional panels can be freely mixed and connected to the fire alarm control panel via the RS-485 panel bus, including repeater panels BS-211, information panels BV-210, fire brigade panels BU-210 and mimic drivers BUR-200.


  • SelfVerify® function for automatic testing of detectors
  • Automatic setup
  • Automatic addressing of detectors
  • Four loops
  • USB for data transfer to/from memory stick
  • User-friendly display and operator controls
  • Back-lit operating buttons. Text display suitable for nighttime operation
  • Surface mounting. The integrated panel can be mounted separately in a 19’’ rack or console
  • Designed to meet EN 54 and SOLAS requirements, and conforms to CE standards
  • Complies with environmental conditions of IEC-721-3-3 class 3k5
  • Output to VDR and Modbus

Autronica AutoPrime Fire Alarm Control Panel Addressable



  • 8 x 40-character alphanumeric display
  • Alarm, More Alarms, Pre-Alarm, Remote Call, Remote Call Response, Fault, Disabled Function, Supervisory Condition, Test Condition, System Fault, Power, Delayed Activation, Annunciator Fault, Remote Call Fault, Annunciator Disabled, Remote Call Disabled
  • Internal buzzer

Operator Controls

  • More Events, Mute, Silence, Reset, Block, Activate Outputs
  • Keypad with alphanumeric characters and navigational functions (Cancel/Back, Enter), directional keys (arrow up/down and left/right), Function and Select (MultiSelect) key
  • Back-lit buttons and text
  • Fireman’s key