» Admiralty Vector Chart Service (AVCS)

The Admiralty Vector Chart Service (AVCS) brings together Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) from national Hydrographic offices around the world and new ENC coverage produced by UKHO in co-operation with Foreign Governments to provide comprehensive, official, worldwide coverage.


AVCS meets customer requirements for a comprehensive, world-wide, full carriage compliant electronic chart service. AVCS continues to develop in response to customer feedback through an ongoing programme of enhancements. No other electronic chart service offers this level of reassurance.

Carriage Compliant

The Admiralty Vector Chart Service only contains ENC data that meets Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Carriage Requirements for use within Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS).

Purchasing Options

AVCS provides cost-effective coverage of the world’s major shipping routes, avoiding the need to purchase unnecessary data. AVCS is sold in two different formats, Folios and Units, offering the ultimate in purchase flexibility.


AVCS is sold in a series of Folios, which are geographic collection of ENCs at specific scales or usage bands, designed to meet specific operational requirements, from safely transiting an area to approaching and entering a destination port. They are designed to make ordering, maintenance and licensing as easy and flexible as possible. Each Folio is automatically maintained for any relevant changes to ENC coverage. There are three types of AVCS Folio:-Transit, Regional and Port.

Transit Folios

These are designed to provide all the coverage needed for a vessel to pass safely through a region when not engaging in local trade, saving you the expense of purchasing detailed coverage for regions that you are just passing through, whilst including more coverage to negotiate the choke points such as the Suez Canal and Malacca Straits.

Regional Folios

These cover a much smaller geographical area than Transit Folios and include all Coastal and some Approach ENCs, where coastal coverage is not available. Regional Folios are designed for local and coastal trade, where more detailed coverage of complex coastal waters is required. They do not include Port Approaches or Entry.

Port Folios

These typically comprise Approach, Harbor and Berthing cells grouped together into a single sales unit. Under typical operational conditions, vessels approaching a port directly from an ocean passage will require only Transit and Port Folios if not engaging in coastal operation.


Hand-pick individual ENC chart coverage that meets the specific requirements of your Fleet to ensure precise coverage of your shipping routes. All ENCs in AVCS can be selected on a chart-by-chart basis as ENC Units. These Units are the smallest unit of sale allowed by ENC producers and usually contain ENC data approximately equivalent to a paper chart.


Combine AVCS Folios of your choice with individual ENC charts for unrivalled coverage and voyage flexibility.

Admiralty Chart Agent Digital Distributor


AVCS allows users to select any combination of ENC Units and Folios for any available licence period. Wherever ENC producers allow, both Units and Folios are available for licence periods of 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. This offers maximum choice and the flexibility to match your chart holdings to your operational patterns.


AVCS includes remote updating software, the Admiralty Updating Service, free of charge. The software can be used to obtain immediate updates to your ENC data, either directly over the Internet or by email, anywhere in the world, at anytime. Updates to ENC data within AVCS are also supplied weekly on CD as standard, ensuring that every AVCS customer has a complete and up to date set of data on board, with the option to easily access additional data if required.


Fixed Annual Cost

With AVCS Folios you can be sure of maintaining access to all the latest information without the need to repeatedly amend your budgets. Any new ENC data that becomes available will be included in the appropriate AVCS Folio at no additional cost for the period of your Licence.

Complete Flexibility

Every AVCS customer is provided with a complete set of Base discs containing every ENC available within the Service. These discs are ‘locked’ but allow your vessel to carry complete coverage whilst only paying for the folios and charts required. Chart holdings can be upgraded quickly and easily at any point during the licence period, unlocking additional charts to extend your coverage.

The Most Comprehensive Coverage

AVCS now comprises more than 9500 ENCs since the launching of AVCS in April 2008; a number that is growing monthly. In total AVCS provides berth to berth coverage of all the major trade lanes between more than 1,740 of the world’s busiest and biggest ports. AVCS provides over 1,000 ENCs and 448 ports that are not available in any other ENC service in the market.


The Admiralty Vector Chart Service is backed by UKHO Helpdesk support and a 24 hour emergency chart permit generation helpline, providing complete confidence and peace of mind.

Join the Future of Navigation

AVCS is used by all vessels that value an official, compliant solution for navigation from product tankers to cruise ships and bulk carriers. Since its launch in April 2008 there are now more than 1200 SOLAS ships navigating at sea with AVCS. More than 30 new ships join AVCS every week.